Douro World Heritage

Douro Património Mundial
Human and patrimonial treasures, vast charms and beautiful landscapes endow Douro of an extraordinary universal value that UNESCO considered vital to protect, declaring it, since 2001, World Heritage.

Nature, history, culture, gastronomy and crafts. In this land of braves, everything can be discovered and nobody remains indifferent. If necessary to choose a word to describe it, many feelings would invade the minds of those who tried it, hindering one only answer.


River and Mountains joined together in a harmony that only nature can create, and next to the natural hillsides rest those sculpted by man, whose fruit provides color and fame to the region.

Away from the rush of the cities, this region has the charm of the natural. Its scents and flavors inspired many of the great Portuguese artists and its landscapes continue capturing glances of admiration from its visitors.

Marked by centuries of history and tradition, Douro is associated with the hospitality and authenticity of its people. Noble region and of great value, nobles are also the feelings that it creates.