Landscape and History

Effect of a close relationship between man and nature, Douro captures the best of both worlds.

Here one can find great architectonic references, many of religious nature, which reflects a strong belief and devotion. Churches and chapels, but also castles and monasteries. Monuments of a time long gone, are exceptional proofs of an ancient legacy, very much alive in its people.

The beauty of the natural patrimony joins the marks of history. The glow of the river, which gives name to the region and the valleys that come to it, the long and vast orchards and the characteristic vineyards in the socalcos.
All this seen from one of the wonderful viewpoints, a landscape that takes your breath away.

Through a cruise in the Douro or a ride on the steam train, following the many existent routes or exploiting other wonders, the promise is of a unique experience you will never forget.